I have several experiences en drama (not very much) but I can prove that if we hope good results we need to do a lot of rehearsals. In my case, in two occasions I have had to prepare a little drama in a few days and it is a desaster with young students (1st and 2nd course) but with older students if they study we can do it.
I think the best way to prepare a play is having in mind all the little details.
In this course, I have seen that students work a lot before the play and I absolutly agree.

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I don't have any experiences in drama so It has been in this course that I have had one. I chosen a script as an end of course project. I did it for three characters, which is a good beginning with young students. The main point it should be I guess that the student believes he can do it and performs the role as it were a real one.

For me, act out a story we have just already read is one of the most common dramas we perform in class.

I work with 6/7 years old children, and it is very hard for them to learn lines by heart

Through all this school year I´m trying to practice drama more in class, cause I really mean it, it is a proper way to learn English in context, un pseudo real context


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