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We've set up this group so that teachers can keep in touch after our Drama and Storytelling course has finished and continue to share teaching experiences related to drama.

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Drama ans Storytelling

When I heard about the drama course and the possiblity of joining this website  I was immediately drawn to it. I´m pretty sure it will keep me up on English drama resources. I haven´t much drama…Continuar

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

During my school years our class prepared every end of the course a play for our parents. For me, having the opportunity of being on stage was a great deal. I had to bring my feelings face to face. I…Continuar

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Well, I´ve worked with drama since the beginning of this year. And I have checked it improves a lot the learning process of my students. Drama is essentially social and involves contact,…Continuar

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Hi, my name is Inés.This year I work as a tutor in third level of Primary Education and I teach English in Infant Education.I joined this course because I wanted to improve my drama resources.I…Continuar

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.



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Comentario por Francisca de Lucas marzo 12, 2012 a las 12:36pm

Using drama in class is a very creative way of improving English. It offers you a whole world of activities to practice with your students. I usually ask my students to read parts of different scripts in class and most of them enjoy it. It's a lot of fun seeing how they try to say the same line expressing it in different ways. (They're great when they pretend to be offended or irritated).

Everybody likes stories and if these stories adapt to the age and likes of our students we don't have to limit this activity to Primary students.

Comentario por Maria Jesús Rodríguez marzo 12, 2012 a las 10:23am

My personal experience in drama

I have run a drama workshop in the adult school where I work. It lasted three years and we organised at least a play every year. It was all in Spanish. It finished due to administrative reasons (most drama workshops in adult schools were cancelled).  Now I'm thinking of doing something in English with my ESO groups. At the same time I have some experience in acting, which I enjoy. However, I think that what I like best is to write sketches and plays, I find it quite entertaining.

Comentario por Rosa Mª Cascón Fonseca marzo 11, 2012 a las 11:22pm




As a little girl, I used to act in every single play at school. I had a good reputation as an actress, because I really enjoyed living in someone else’s skin for a while. It was great fun, and taught me a lot about human nature.

Short ago, I went back to acting in a most unexpected way. I had the privilege of meeting ARACELI GODINO, a Spanish teacher colleague and one of the best writers I’ve ever read. She had had a brilliant idea to celebrate “El Día del Libro”. A dramatized reading of significant texts written in Spanish. It was going to be a didactic activity for the 4 level students, and….she needed a middle-aged woman to play a part in the performance. I offered at once, willing to live other’s lives again. It was a wonderful experience and it opened a whole world of possibilities for my English class.

That same school year, I organised a drama activity with my 1stbachillerato Ampliación students. They had to prepare a theatre sketch to be staged at the end of the term. They had to work in groups, I would be the director of all the sketches. I don’t know how I managed to do that, but it was a success. We played the sketches for the rest of the school, and everybody enjoyed it. My students learnt a lot of English, and, more important, they learnt a lot about collaboration, effort, responsibility and……

My latest drama experience is taking place right now. ARACELI and I are engaged in another Araceli’s crazy ideas: to stage a play IN ENGLISH for the Contest of the Comunidad de Madrid. Araceli wrote the script, and I translated it into English. At the moment, we are rehearsing as much as we can, and we will hopefully act on 21st March for the jury. The experience is being most rewarding for me, because the students are working hard to speak good English. Acting really motivates them to communicate with others, our main aim when teaching a foreign language.

Comentario por OLGA PAJUELO marzo 10, 2012 a las 7:45pm

Hello everybody!!

In my case every year a I try to get involved in a drama project, either in Spanish or English and the conclusions are quite good, since motivation, cooperation, memory improvement, language learning, and so on.

However, it has one disadvantage, children's behaviour.They get boisterious. But every year I try to improve and try to solve the mistakes of previous years and learn for the following project.

Comentario por Eulalia de Paz marzo 9, 2012 a las 11:18pm

My experience with drama is full of interesting conclusions and some frustrating work. The success of the activity depends on the group, on the time of lessons, on my own work. I am surprised when a drama activity is successful even if it has not been prepared for a long time and I feel frustrated when the drama lesson is rather awful despite my efforts. Feedback is very useful at any level. The most common topics for role-plays are teenager relationships, love, funny situations where imagination is amazing. Other formal topics seem to be difficult or boring to be developed.

Comentario por ANA BENITEZ marzo 8, 2012 a las 9:09pm

hi everyone! I'm an English teacher in primary education. I have very little experience with drama. When I joined the course I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn and get ideas for class. So far I have not regretted.

Comentario por EVA FERNÁNDEZ LLENA marzo 6, 2012 a las 10:47am

Hi everyone,

When I started this course I thought that I had no experience on drama at all. After going through the contents, I realized how many activities I do with my students in class related to this field. Role plays, acting out stories, drama games... and so on, are part of our classes of Science and English every day.

Comentario por natalia varela batia abril 8, 2011 a las 6:21pm

I think that drama activities are very important overall with young children, because this activities are so fun for the children and is a good way to introduce new vocabulay , structures... in an global comunication in a foreign language.

I try use this activities in my class with my students and this couse  was very useful with a lot of new material.

The first contact with drama was in the high school I did several theatrical plays and i liked so much.

Actually every  ending course I finish with a small short play .



Comentario por Estefanía Alcántara Bravo abril 8, 2011 a las 1:37pm
One of my first jobs was at a kindergarten school, that was in the year 2000, I remember I was teaching English to the 2nd cycle (children of 4, 5 and 6 years) and, suddenly, one day I was informed I had 15 days to prepare a play. I had no idea where to start and I changed that old "The Sound of Music" film into something a bit more modern. Besides, I was given the most troublesome children, so the task was hard. Anyway, I chose some music from the group ABBA and also from the series ALLY MC BEAL, a complete choreography and a study on food and drink centred on a situation. I mean, my students where all seated for dinner and asking for some bread, a glass of water, etc, practising this topic and at the same time being the family they were copying from the original film. Of course, there was a couple: the oldest daughter and the postman, who sang and danced together. They enjoyed a lot while performing the play "Love moves the world" and about me.... I learnt many things from them, and the most important: never mind they seem to be disruptive in class, with a bit of attention and affection,you can get whatever you want from them. A great Lesson!!.
Comentario por Elena García abril 7, 2011 a las 11:40pm

I have never done a play in my high school but I have taken my students to several plays or asked companies to come and do a performance for them. This year I was amazed by an actress who came and did a play just by herself. I remember when she came on her own and I asked her about the rest of the characters. I was surprised when I found out that my students from the lowest level were precisely "the other characters". This actress was great. She asked them to learn a few lines or to improvise with answers in order to create the plot. After this experience I think everything is possible althogh with so few hours of English in the groups it is difficult to devote time to theatre. The truth is that I just do role plays in the class and only when the number of students makes it possible.


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Drama ans Storytelling

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama

Iniciada por Rosa María Romero Migueles 27 Mar 2014.



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