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We've set up this group so that teachers can keep in touch after our Drama and Storytelling course has finished and continue to share teaching experiences related to drama.

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Drama ans Storytelling

When I heard about the drama course and the possiblity of joining this website  I was immediately drawn to it. I´m pretty sure it will keep me up on English drama resources. I haven´t much drama…Continuar

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

During my school years our class prepared every end of the course a play for our parents. For me, having the opportunity of being on stage was a great deal. I had to bring my feelings face to face. I…Continuar

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Well, I´ve worked with drama since the beginning of this year. And I have checked it improves a lot the learning process of my students. Drama is essentially social and involves contact,…Continuar

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Hi, my name is Inés.This year I work as a tutor in third level of Primary Education and I teach English in Infant Education.I joined this course because I wanted to improve my drama resources.I…Continuar

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.



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Comentario por Pilar Romo abril 1, 2013 a las 2:02pm

I joined this course because I thought I had very little experience in drama. But I noticed that in fact I do a lot of activities with my pupils that can be considered as drama. I use drama mainly in the form of role-plays, short dialogues, sketches...It’s an easy and useful way to reinforce some structures, vocabulary and grammar. It’s also an opportunity of using language in a real context and children love playing roles and become a different person for a while. Most of them are really enthusiastic.

Sometimes, at the end of each term we perform a short play from a fairy tale or a story. We do it in class in an informal way, without much preparation, but it’s great fun and always worthy.

I think I’ve learned a lot in this course and I’ve found many resources to improve drama activities in my class.

Comentario por Javier Gimeno Fernández marzo 21, 2013 a las 3:31pm

Last time I used drama in my planning I was teaching English to primary school teachers. The fact that they usually include this resource in their classess benefited the final outcome. We 'performed' several skits and roleplays based on "how to's".

What went right:
- student's motivation went up and they enjoyed the experience
- general classroom atmosphere improved. I should've used this early in the course.

What went wrong:
- language learning outcome was probably not as good as expected.

- setting up the classroom proved noisy and annoying for some neighbours. Sorry!

Comentario por Carmen Barcelo Martinez marzo 19, 2012 a las 9:53pm



My theatrical experience

My theatrical experience has been at school mainly. I usually make small groups of students that act out the dialogues and role plays in the text book and we also play lots of drama games. Apart from this and related to the Foster Reading Plan every course I try to choose different types of readers for the classroom, and that always includes a play that students perform. Depending on the year, I have sometimes done it as a classroom activity but other years I have done it as an end of year  or end of term project on a stage and in front of an audience. It takes a long time and needs a lot of collaboration from students, other teachers and even families but in the end it is worth doing.

Comentario por Mª del Prado marzo 16, 2012 a las 10:23pm

Hi, I´m Prado, I´m a music teacher in infant  and first level of Primary, English teacher in 4 years and auxiliary teacher in infant.

I like telling stories. I tell stories in Spanish but now I´m learning to tell stories in English, it´s more difficult but I like it.

Comentario por jesus nunez munoz marzo 14, 2012 a las 11:54pm

I very often use drama and storytelling in my classes. I use drama in the form of role play. In my opinion it is a very useful way to round off a unit. I often ask my students to write the script, I check and correct mistakes. Once they have the correct version, I allot them a session to prepare the play they have written. They finallly act it out and I record their performance, which is uploaded on the class blog. Then I give them some feedback. One of the thigs they find shocking is watching themselves "from the outside". This helps them to be aware of their strong and weak points.

As for storytelling, I love telling stories and I very often use them to engage my students into a topic, so I make use of this resource as  a presentation activity. It's then when you realize how powerful storytelling is to catch students' attention.

Comentario por Angela Campos marzo 14, 2012 a las 11:59am

I´ve worked with 1º E.S.O. on drama for the last two years in the following way: based on the reading book we were working on in class on a weekly basis, students were assigned to read each of the characters´ interventions everytime we read aloud in class. Usually, two or three students are assgined to the same character, so that they can take turns to read these parts of the dialogues. Once the students have read most of the book and have become used to the way their character speaks and behaves, I ask them to memorize one chapter (one of their favourite ones in the book) and then we have organized a small play to do once we have finished the reading of the book. Students love it!

Comentario por Julia González Madrid marzo 13, 2012 a las 9:04am

My experience with drama was with a 1º ESO group.

I attended a session at the TESOL conference a few years ago and it was about "drama in the classroom". The script proposed had an interesting title "The robbery of the diamond of Wemberly Boo". I really like the speaker's ideas and I tried the play with my students. The key to success was that the play had very simple language, easy to learn, repetitive, lots of characters (policemen, teachers, thieves, museum guards, detectives...) and a very silly plot. The group was a small one (a "desdoble") and it was easy to work with. So, for a few months we rehearsed and "everything was allright on the night". We performed for other 1º ESO groups and recorded the play on video. Students loved to watch it later on in the classroom. So, I strongly recommend the experience. And students learned basic English language, but very effectively. 

Comentario por VIRGINIA CERRO LORENZO marzo 12, 2012 a las 9:15pm

I do not have any experience with drama as teacher but I did the activity as a student. It is fantastic to be for a while another character so I imagine for kids performing will be funny, it breaks their routines and enjoy a lot. Also it gives them tasks to create and practice.

Comentario por Silvia Navas marzo 12, 2012 a las 7:07pm

My first experience with drama was being a student. Although I am a shy person, I found very interesting learning using this tool. It helped me a lot so when I became a teacher I decided to use this technique in my classes. It's amazing how students get involved in this activities and how their sense of responsibility and creativity develops through each task.

Comentario por Yolanda Royo Hernandez marzo 12, 2012 a las 2:40pm

I cannot say that I have always had a great connection with Drama but since I decided to become a teacher, I saw the importance of acting to get my student's attention because, as I see it, teaching is performing in front of an audience and you have to capture their attention. 

So when I was in university, I decided to be part of the theater company called "Dramartists". It was for one year but I learned lots of things in my classes.

Later on, I used it in one of my bachilleratos and I realized how much they enjoy performing for their partners and how meaningful language becomes to them.

I think that after this course, I will do my upmost to use drama and storytelling in my classes. It has been a great experience.


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Drama ans Storytelling

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama

Iniciada por Rosa María Romero Migueles 27 Mar 2014.



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