I had always been afraid of working with drama until a few years ago when I had a class of Ampliación in Bachillerato. There was no curriculum established and I did not know what to do. They were reading The Picture of Dorian Gray By Wilde, and they were having a lot of trouble with it, so I decided to try to work with it as a play. It was difficult at first but in the end they loved it and helped me in the development of the script. 

After that experience the next year I workedwith an adaptation of the Trojan War that I found on the web and they also loved it, so I discovered that drama can indeed be a really useful tool for the students to become independent in the use of the language as well as in overcoming shyness. It also helps with pronunciation and grammar. However, this course has taught me an organised way to approach the creation and use of a script, which I used to do by intuition only. 

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