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We've set up this group so that teachers can keep in touch after our Drama and Storytelling course has finished and continue to share teaching experiences related to drama.

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Drama ans Storytelling

When I heard about the drama course and the possiblity of joining this website  I was immediately drawn to it. I´m pretty sure it will keep me up on English drama resources. I haven´t much drama…Continuar

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

During my school years our class prepared every end of the course a play for our parents. For me, having the opportunity of being on stage was a great deal. I had to bring my feelings face to face. I…Continuar

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Well, I´ve worked with drama since the beginning of this year. And I have checked it improves a lot the learning process of my students. Drama is essentially social and involves contact,…Continuar

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Hi, my name is Inés.This year I work as a tutor in third level of Primary Education and I teach English in Infant Education.I joined this course because I wanted to improve my drama resources.I…Continuar

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.



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Comentario por Beatriz Martin abril 7, 2011 a las 6:17pm
Since I took my first drama course last year I have been using drama in my English and Science lessons quite often. Children love playing a different role and being able to behave as someone else. At the moment I am preparing a short play that I wrote in a collaborative way with another teacher. It is about prehistory and how people found out what fire was and what to use it for. Therefore, I believedrama shouldn't just be used in the English class but throughout every subject.
Comentario por Teresa Riaguas abril 7, 2011 a las 12:48am

My experience with drama activities

I like to use drama because I can see the goood results you can get when you work drama in your English class. I usually to do a performance(depending on the courses), all of them very musical; I belive that music helps students to learn better,and it is very enjoyful. But I use role plays every unit. And I always use storytelling specially in Infant Education. I like drama and storytelling activities because in my teaching experience I have seen the results are so good.

Comentario por Rubén Cimarra abril 5, 2011 a las 9:08pm

I usually try to find a book which could be suitable for a play and my students level. I introduce the story by means of visual resources. And then, all together develop setting, costumes, characters, ... It is a time-consuming activity.

Comentario por Rosana Jimenez abril 5, 2011 a las 3:59pm

The first time I had to teach Drama I thought it would be tough and boring, but it ended up being a great experience! I had 3rd and 4th graders and it was also a new experience for them. At the beginning they were scared with the idea of having Drama in English, so we started playing simple drama games and they got into it! Our first "professional play" for the parents and other students in the school was "Peter Pan" and they did great!

They most important thing is that they enjoyed it a lot and they were practicing English.

Comentario por Marisa Rojano abril 4, 2011 a las 10:48am

I've really enjoyed this course. First, I found plenty of useful resources and tips by our teachers which I have successfully practised with my students. Worth mentioning, part 1 full of warm-ups and icebreakers. Second, I've advised some teachers from other departements to use theatre in their classes, and it worked! Finally, i'm preparing an "excursion" to the Retiro park to practice improvisation outdoors. I think it will be a great oportunity!!!

Comentario por Belén Ortego abril 4, 2011 a las 8:27am

Hi! My experience with drama... actually I have never done drama... but it is something that has always drawn my attention and I want to learn about it. I think we can do many interesting things with it in class.

I hope we keep in touch through this site and we can share ideas and learn together.

I am really glad to join this group!

Comentario por Beatriz Bernárdez abril 4, 2011 a las 1:00am

Up to now my experience with drama in my classes is very little just a few role play activities from time to time and I see students like that kind of games. They enjoy using language in a "real context" and like becoming another person for a while. For that reason I think a play would be even more enjoyable for them.

I recall when I was a child, in my school, we staged at least two plays each year (in Spanish, of course...) and we all loved and enjoyed it a lot. So after finishing this course and having learnt something else about how to teach through drama I will try it as soon as possible. By then, I will tell you my wonderful experience. Sure. ;-)

Comentario por MARIA ESTUDILLO PLATAS abril 3, 2011 a las 11:49pm


well, I don´t have too much experience on drama, just on storytelling; in fact, my exams of oposiciones were based on tales that I made for myself or book that I brought, ( for me, the most beautiful ones are those ones that were made for me).

I like reading, I like telling stories to my learners, they understand better the concepts, vocabulary and so on through stories, I don´t know other method, Its simple, they participate and pay attention; its fun, motivating and I enjoy myself telling them stories.

But its true, that drama is also quite good and this course its giving me techniques and methods to work on it, I´m completely sure that I will focus on threatre a little bit more


Comentario por Juan Carlos de Lassaletta abril 3, 2011 a las 10:14pm

To tell the truth I have to say that before doing this course, I had never done anything related with drama in class and neither had I ever acted in dramas.

As a technology teacher, I hardly ever thought about drama activities explaining technical units of work. Now I would like engage my students in reading up to day situations and try to explain them from a different point of view. Due to we all belong to a technological society drama must be part in our technological education activity. Even now, I am convincing that students can get involved in drama around a real technical affair, like, for instance, nuclear power yes or not. This will be more important in a bilingual class, where the students will learn technology in English language. I am very pleased with this course and I am learning a lot from real English teachers. This group promises to be amazing. I am sure.

Comentario por Guillermo Ripado Freire abril 3, 2011 a las 6:59pm
Hello everybody. As an English teacher I have experienced with drama and theatre not many times in the classroom. I had prepared some short stories for students in some festival at the end of the school year. The idea of working with students a role play is positive. I can see that students feel motivated representing drama and role plays. I really trust in these resources because they also aware interest in the english culture and they adquire skills in oral communication.

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Foro de discusión

Drama ans Storytelling

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama

Iniciada por Rosa María Romero Migueles 27 Mar 2014.



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