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We've set up this group so that teachers can keep in touch after our Drama and Storytelling course has finished and continue to share teaching experiences related to drama.

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Drama ans Storytelling

When I heard about the drama course and the possiblity of joining this website  I was immediately drawn to it. I´m pretty sure it will keep me up on English drama resources. I haven´t much drama…Continuar

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

During my school years our class prepared every end of the course a play for our parents. For me, having the opportunity of being on stage was a great deal. I had to bring my feelings face to face. I…Continuar

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Well, I´ve worked with drama since the beginning of this year. And I have checked it improves a lot the learning process of my students. Drama is essentially social and involves contact,…Continuar

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

Hi, my name is Inés.This year I work as a tutor in third level of Primary Education and I teach English in Infant Education.I joined this course because I wanted to improve my drama resources.I…Continuar

Iniciada por Inés Muñoz 27 Mar 2014.



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Comentario por Vicen Rebolledo abril 3, 2011 a las 6:39pm
I must say that before doing this course I had never done anything related with theatre in class, mainly because I didn't know how to face the experience. I just did some role plays to practice pronunciation and try to improve speaking skills. Now I'm trying to introduce some new activities I have learnt in the course and I have received a good response from students, they are enjoying these activities. So, thanks a lot for your help.
Comentario por Pilar Candela Sánchez abril 3, 2011 a las 6:20pm

The reason I haveenrolled in this course is that I have just carried out some role-play activities provided in the course books.

I have always been envious of those workmates brave enough to carry out drama activities. Their students from previous years mention it in my classes, and they also reproach me for not using them in class. I guess from their comments they had a very good time, while learning a lot from them. It was great fun for them and they miss this learning approach.

Comentario por Pilar Moreno abril 3, 2011 a las 1:55pm

Honestly, I have never done any drama activites in my classes apart from role plays. I have experienced as a mother how my small children love acting in their school plays either in English or Spanish. I really admire those enthusiastic  teachers who are able to put on a play with their students on the stage. Maybe,some day, I will find the energy, time and self confidence to do it because I know for sure it is whorthy.

Comentario por Lucía Antolín abril 3, 2011 a las 1:53pm

I have never prepared real theatre plays with my students but I have worked with simulations and roles plays and this is something students really love.

When students have to present different characters to their group, they usually develop skills such as body language, intonation, they search for useful vocabulary... These skills are almost forgotten if we simply concentrate on textbooks although they are very important if we want them to develop not only communicative aspects but also their artistic competence.

Comentario por Yolanda Payar García abril 3, 2011 a las 11:11am

As many of us, I have thought that using drama in class would be a waste of time. However, when you introduce drama as an usual resource in your classes, it turns out  to be a very engaging activity.  So far I have not  had much experience, just some role-plays or sketches, but I must admit that students really enjoy performing  and pretending to be someone else. Maybe if we had more lessons a week, we could do drama activities more often.

Many years ago, I put on several plays  in "Taller de teatro" (in Spanish) . My students made the set, the props, the costumes. I remember having a great time. We carried out the project throghout the year.. We even recorded the plays. It was a very rewarding experience. I still have very  positive memories of it.

Comentario por Elena López Herrera abril 3, 2011 a las 11:04am
My experience on drama


I have always enjoyed teatre not only as a member of the audience but as an active part. Two years ago I joined Action English Theatre ruled by Harriet Thompson and Sky Hedstrom.

There were some reasons why I was really interested in joining their group:

 - I loved (and love) English language

 - I'm shy and thought this would help me overcome the stage fright I had.

 - I was doing a competitive examination (English Primary School Teather) at    the end of June 2009 where I was supposed to speak in front of an  examining board, acting (not always but sometimes) as if I were with my children in class.

- I got (and get) very nervous whenever I had ( and have) to speak in public.

During these Drama lessons I not only had fun, but also practised the language through writing (we even made up the scripts) and speaking, I performed plays as well as improved acting techniques and not only that, I eventually overcame some of the difficulties previously mentioned.

This experience helped me a lot both in a personal and professional way. I had to give up this year but I am looking forward to joining again next.

Indeed, it has been an interesting and enriching experience.

As regards my pupils, I try to spread my spirit and enthusiasm on drama onto them. For the first time they perfomed a play for Christmas and they really loved it!.

Helen, your idea of the story box is great!.

I recommed:

- Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

- Handa's surprise by Eileen Browne.

- Monkey Puzzle by Julian Donaldson.

- Giraffes can't dance by Giles Andreae.

- The Foggy, foggy forest by Nick Sharratt.

- Mixed Up Fairy Tales (Spiral Bound) by Hilary Robinson.

Comentario por Helen abril 2, 2011 a las 9:43pm
Hi members of Drama and Storytelling

Why don´t we start to prepare a story box together. I mean , why don´t we share those stories we have used in class for Drama or storytelling so that we have a wider scope of the theme?

I recommend:

Drama with Children, book from OUP

Storytelling with children and Create your stories by Andrew Wright

Eric Carle stories, books, some are told in Youtube

The rainbow fish, Marcus Pfister
The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson
I will not ever never eat a tomato, by Lauren Child
Rumble in the Jungle, by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz
There are also some interesting web pages too
a dog with his bone
The pet shop
in a dark house

Please , if you have others that you can share, it would be great that you posted them

Elena Remón

Comentario por Marina Díaz Cristóbal abril 2, 2011 a las 10:51am
Hi everyone! My experience with drama in the classroom has been reduced to role-playing and drama games as many of you comment here. These activities and games are the ones that my students have enjoyed the best in my classes, and so do I! Now that I've discovered all the resources at hand and the wonderful teaching experiences videos that we were required to comment I am willing to try the full theatrical experience in class.
Comentario por Carmen G abril 2, 2011 a las 8:53am
Hi everyone! As an English teacher I have taught many different English levels, but I think drama techniques are very useful for all of them. However, my experience has been reduced to use role plays and mime for vocabulary in class and some sketches, up till this year. I am currently  in charge (together with the music teacher) of the Drama workshop group of 3rd ESO this year so I needed to learn new ways of motivating teenagers to get involved in drama,  as well as more knowledge and resources. This course is fulfilling and surpassing my expectations. I am excited to see so many people sharing the same interest and willing to help each other and share materials. The resources and  ideas are incredibly useful, the tasks are being very productive and l love the way the course has been structured. This last Christmas my students performed A Christmas Carol and the experience was positive, very rewarding for me, and I learned a lot from them. I think that many tips and ideas about organization will be very useful for future performances. We are currently preparing and rehearsing a version of Romeo and Juliet that my colleague and I have adapted to our group. We have added to the play many details about daily lives and problems of our students and so far they are very motivated. I also try to use the ideas from this course more often in the regular English classes, especially storytelling.
Comentario por Mª Esther Pérez Chasco abril 1, 2011 a las 9:11pm
Hi, I'm Esther Pérez, one of the participants in this course. I have always tried to use role-play and drama in my class as I think it's a funny and easy way for kids to learn a new language. Thank you for  all the information and the grar ideas on the course.

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Drama ans Storytelling

Iniciada por Caridad Arroyo Sanchez 31 Mar 2014.

My experience with drama 1 contestación 

Iniciada por Elisa Rodriguez. Última respuesta de Juan Carlos de Lassaletta 30 Mar 2014.

Improving with Drama

Iniciada por Inma Marcos Peyró 30 Mar 2014.

My drama experience

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My experience with drama

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